Fast and accurate information, presented in 3 dimensional charts, help you with better decision making. Visualize what is going on in your business area and market. Display trends and improvements.

Top Line Improvement

Understand how you can optimize your customer portfolio and create  higher margin business. Allocate your resources to the customers which matter, plan strategically and monitor tactically.

Product Portfolio Optimization

See in a graphic display which products do well, which do not. Create action plans to improve operations, reduce sku’s, optimize supply chain and speed of delivery to customers.

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Whether you want to improve your top line, change your customer or product portfolio, optimize your resource allocation or understand where and how to increase your profit margin and performance, PriceForce is the tool for you.

Developed by pricing and business experts PriceForce is not just a tool for marketing and sales – find out who else can benefit from the software and the underlying methodology.

How it works

Dividing your customer base in small, medium and large accounts with low, medium and high margin or profitability, PriceForce will create an individually tailored 9 box matrix chart, specific to your data set. Intuitive and logical action plans for each of the 9 boxes will help you focus your activities to where it matters.

The software is dynamic and allows you to sort and filter, deep dive and aggregate at various dimensions. Create trends, map your resources to profitability, your products to markets and more. Unlike other tools you have everything in one place – no cut, copy and paste – the charts are coming right out of your data.

The methodology*

* patent pending

customer size
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
profit level
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Grow in size Sell more Sell more
Change service
service level
Sell more
Increase price Increase price
Adjust service
service level


0 %

Up to 20% improvements due to more effective customer management, pricing, SKU reduction and better production planning with lower inventory.


0 %

40% more interaction with the “right” customers. Better focus, efficient resource planning, effective account strategies.
Less waste.

Price Strategy

0 %

71% of the firms we worked with, do NOT have a pricing strategy. Neither do they have a dedicated pricing management. Passing on cost increases is the most favored pricing action.

PriceForce Demo Version

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Our proprietary software PriceForce works on Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

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Installation Guide

PriceForce Full Version Installation and Activation

If you have already downloaded the demo version all you need to upgrade to the full version is a license key.

If you do not have yet a demo version installed we will assist you in the process. The installation is as simple as the tool itself and will not take more than a few moments.

Please contact us to discuss what package you need and how you want us to assist.

Once the software is activated you are free to import your own data. We help you to set up the excel interface which aligns your data to PriceForce. There is huge flexibility in the system with multiple fields available for every data category, making sure there is no level of detail being left out.

Find a plan that’s right for you

Like PriceForce itself we also keep the pricing simple – you pay for the software and it is yours.
No increases, no costly updates needed, no hidden fees.





Request PriceForce detailled package information

We do have case studies for your respective industry, market or geography and are happy to send on request. Please do not hesitate to also request a meeting where we can discuss your situation, challenges and potential solution. We could run your own sample data during a live demo. We believe in the software – you can keep all charts generated for free.

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